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Elevate Your Event With Lasers

Premium laser equipment rentals and custom show design for film, creative projects, and live events.



Void Design will work with you to create a custom laser show to make your next event or project unforgettable. We take on every project with  creativity and technical expertise. Our laser techs are certified Laser Safety Officers and have years of experience performing outstanding laser shows at events in Canada and the U.S. Contact us for a consultation.


Void Design has 10+ full color lasers that are sharp and bright with vivid color mixing. Our  lasers create immersive, yet safe, experiences. Our fleet of equipment is expertly maintained so it can perform reliably in demanding situations.


From EDM shows to corporate functions, contact Void Design to find out more about how a custom laser show or a laser rental might take your event to the next level. We are located in Calgary, Canada, but are able to ship anywhere in Canada or the U.S. 

Send us a message below to find out more about rental rates, show design details, and how our lasers can be an asset for your creative project:

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